Wedding Paradise in Umbria

The outbound journey from hell equals a good holiday right?!

Firstly a few tips on how to travel to Italy:

  • Do not let your husband lose his and baby’s boarding passes at the airport
  • Enjoy being grounded for 2 hours once you’ve boarded an uncomfortably small Ryanair flight
  • Ensure the hire car is the estate car booked and not a tiny Volkswagen Golf. After all it only has to fit in 4 adults, a baby, 2 suitcases, two holdalls, two handbags, rucksack, change bag, pram…
  • Double and triple check they are able to supply you with the correct sized car seat
  • Make sure you don’t arrive three hours early to check into your villa…

Ah well! What an amazing time we had in the beautiful green hills of Umbria. We were all incredibly fortunate to be invited to our very good friends wedding nuptials in Perugia, Umbria and decided to make it into a holiday!

We booked some beautiful accommodation in the way of Villa Rosy, (, which easily accommodated 4 couples and two babies. We were truly spoilt for space! We hired the property exclusively (it also has a one bed apartment) although little did we know the owners would attend the grounds EVERY SINGLE DAY, which did feel like we were constantly getting checked in on, big brother style!

The villa was in a perfect location enabling us to take little trips out and about with Miss Molly before the heat of the midday sun really took hold. We popped into Assisi for a hearty pasta lunch in the main square along with another trip which was a fun filled evening the night before the wedding in a delightful pizzeria (Pizzeria il Menestrella).

The wedding took place in the jaw droppingly gorgeous, Castello di Rosciano which is located just out of the town of Torgiano, near the city of Perugia. It was built in 700 A.D, and has been restored to a extremely high standard over the last twenty years. It is a dream location for a wedding .

Another highlight of our holiday was an early morning jaunt to the nearby town of Spello. We were so lucky that our trip coincided with one of the most spectacular fauna events we have ever witnessed. The feast of Corpus Domini (the Body of Christ) is a sight to behold whether you’re a flower fan or not. The streets are literally carpeted with petals, teams of people work throughout the night to transform this beautiful town, which to us looked like some of the stunning scenery in Game of Thrones! Apparently there are some tasty restaurants here, however we took the advice of a local and got there around 8am before it got too busy and the parade started. This is where all of the ‘petal paintings’ get walked through and smashed to smithereens! After a good walk we stopped off in a very Italian bar for a quick espresso, hot chocolate and croissants which Molly snaffled away whilst being in the sling! What a monkey!

All in all a fabulous holiday and one we shall remember forever, not only as the location where our close friends took their vows, and Molly’s first wedding, but where the sleep thief actually slept, where she learnt to sit up from being on her tummy and where she cut 4 teeth! (And for us grown ups, where many an Aperol Spritz was consumed!)

(26th-31st May 2016)


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