Bonne Vacances!

Bonjour! A few days after Molly’s first birthday (and Marcus’ birthday) we jetted off to the South of France, to small town called Sainte Maxime on the French Riveria.

Most definitely our worst plane journey yet with the monster, delays, no sleep and a baby that did not want to sit still! She was very overtired by the time we turned up at Marcus’ parents apartment so it was swiftly to bed for all!
Our days fell into routine very quickly. A nice stroll for fresh bread, back for breakfast and then a very short walk to the beach where Molly would fall asleep en route allowing us a short spell in the sun to read in peace. Molly very much enjoyed her first beach experience, tasting the delights of sand, building castles and splashing in the sea.
The weather was super hot which meant napping in her cot was out of the question as it was super dooper hot in the bedrooms. This did however give us a lovely opportunity for strolls in the afternoon so she could snooze in the pram. We finally bought a snooze shade too, which was invaluable and something we definitely recommend! One particular day we went to the botanical gardens which were lovely and shady, although walking there in the midday sun probably wasn’t our best idea!
We even managed to have a night out with Natalie and Jules (Marcus’ sister and husband) which was great fun. Lots of (maybe too many!) cocktails and a flutter at the casino where we all came away on top!
A lovely few days away which went very quickly!!

(19th-24th August 2016)


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