Bonjour Bournemouth!

Oh mouth of Bourne how kind you have been to us and what a wonderful place to start our tour of the south west! I haven’t been to this seaside town for well over a decade and it was lovely to rediscover.

We managed to travel fairly ‘light’ so loading the car didn’t take too long (thank you Marcus!).


The journey took around three hours and Molly was desperate to get out of her car seat towards the end; Soft play is always the answer! We headed straight to The Good Play Cafe where it really did match its great online reviews. A spot of lunch and we hit the ball pool! Molly was in her element and she loved burning off some of her boundless energy.

Eventually we managed to drag her out of there and checked into our hotel. Very nice, big family room – though we still put Molly in the bathroom so we can watch tv in peace once she goes to bed!

We took a gorgeously sunny, incredibly windy walk along the beach front. Lots of people surfing and the blue rinse brigade were out in full force, chilling and enjoying the view and sunshine. I finally lost my Harvester restaurant virginity – cheeky drink whilst Molly napped – still need to try the infamous salad bar though!!!

When Molly woke we took her to the Alum chime playground which she absolutely loved and we fully recommend. There’s a great mix of swings, slides, seasaws, things to climb on which are suitable for all ages!

We even managed to fit in a cheeky splish splash swim back at the hotel before heading out for burgers at Sixty Million Postcards! We take it for granted living where we do in London that babies/children are allowed in bars/restaurants. Fortunately this quirky place allowed Molly in until 7pm so we quickly woofed down our food before heading back to the hotel for a well earned rest!

On day 2 we went to the Oceanarium. Amazing to get up close with the fish, otters, penguins and other aquatic creatures! Especially as it only cost a few ££’s thanks to Tesco club card vouchers! Molly can now also do a great fish impression – glub glub!

For lunch we went to Chez Fred which was the nicest fish and chip shop I’ve ever been in (and I’m from a seaside town myself!). Incredibly child/baby friendly and fab lunchtime specials! Highly recommended!


Another swim and we were set for dinner – we tried a Mexican called Ojo Rojo. The portions were huge and we totally over ordered (oh well!!), it was a hit with Molly who enjoyed the frijoles and lively music! Winning all around

All in all Bournemouth has been perfect and I know we’ll definitely be coming back!

(5th-7th October)


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