Kingsbridge and Salcombe

Day 3 equates to a fair amount of driving! We tried to break the journey up as best as we could. The first stop was to Monkey World (via a whistlestop drive around the tank museum car parks – Marcus needed to get his masculine on).
Monkey World is pure loveliness. What an amazing home for all the rescued primates. You can see how hard all the staff work and the happiness it brings to these amazing creatures. Molly was fascinated, seeing her legs kick with glee when she saw the monkeys swinging in the trees was super cute. The place is a bit of a minefield and we were constantly getting lost but it actually added to the experience!

Back in the car she fell asleep so I forbid Marcus to stop for lunch and insisted he drove, drove, drove! When she woke the nearest town was Honiton. What a local town for local people. We must have stood out like sore thumbs, apart from a lovely girl in the bakery, service and kindness was severely lacking!!

Whilst we’re in Devon we’re trying out Air B&B for the first time. We’ve booked a beautiful little cottage (Muddle Cottage in Kingsbridge which is really cosy and warm.


The town itself is full of cute independent shops and it’s handy to have everything on the doorstep. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s pram friendly as it tends to be only steps into shops with very small aisles which you can’t fit down. However all in all it’s great to properly relax for a couple of days.

The reason we picked Kingsbridge was so we could catch the ferry over to Salcombe. Like all good tourists we headed to the information centre to pick up a boat timetable and alas we found out that the ferry hasn’t run all year!! A quick google told us it was due to a feud between the captain and the council and docking fees – oh la la!

Unfortunately this meant no day off for Marcus driving. Still it’s not a long way to North Sands and views are spectacular. It doesn’t take long to walk into Salcombe even with the numerous photo stops!

Marcus and I enjoyed a game of spot the wearer of Fat Face/Sea Salt/Crew Clothing/Jack Wills etc whilst Molly enjoyed pointing to all of the dogs. Of course she needed a memento from this trip and was very happy with her purchase!


We stopped for lunch in a gorgeous pub, The Victoria. Molly ate most of Marcus’ ploughmans much to his dismay-left room for some beautiful ice cream (clotted cream honeycomb for me and banoffee for the boy!).

This part of Devon really is a beautiful and a must see if you’re in this part of the world.


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