Newquay and around…

It’s au revoir to Muddle Cottage and onwards to Newquay!

Today we explored the Eden Project. Wow! What a place! Certainly didn’t disappoint. I’m not particularly interested in plants/flowers but there is so much more to see there than fauna. It can turn into quite an expensive day out (£25 per adult) but thanks to Gardeners World Magazine we had a 2-4-1 voucher! The Eden Project is a charity though, so all for a good cause!


I expected the place to just be the famous biomes but before you reach these you get to walk through so many different paths and bridges etc outside and see a whole load of different plants and amazing sculptures. It was fascinating from the word go!

We visited The Core first of all which houses ‘the seed’, a huge pineapple/egg shaped sculpture which is made from one piece of granite. I found it utterly breathtaking and a fun fact – apparently it weighs the same as ten elephants! There was also a small soft play area in The Core which Molly tested out and made a friend called Freddy who was rather smitten with her!

Onwards to the domes – we went to the Mediterranean one first which really did bring back many holiday memories. The smells and scents were incredible. Thus our stomachs soon started to rumble so we missed the Storytime which was due to be held in there and headed for a food break.

After stopping for lunch (burritos, again Molly ate most of Marcus’) we headed into the rainforest. I’m so pleased we saved this one until last – incredible! The canopy walkway was awesome – it really does get more humid the higher up you walk. It’s due to extend next year and from reading what they have in store definitely makes me want to come back.

Something Marcus and I did find fascinating was there was a Pokemon Go event going on. We clearly aren’t down with the kids and didn’t really understand what it was about. We were in agreement that it was sad that people had come to a place so full of beauty just to have their head in their phones. Each to their own I guess.

Onwards to Newquay! My initial thoughts of driving through the town is that it’s a bit of a dive. To be honest this didn’t change after we’d done a recce.

The apartment we’re staying in is another air B&B. It couldn’t be more different from Muddle Cottage; modern, airy and light ( It’s been a great place to stay and relax. They left scones, Cornish cream and jam for us too which was a very lovely welcome (cream first!!)!

The apartment is a short stroll to Fistral beach. Navigating the sand dunes with the pram was comical but totally worth it. Molly fell asleep en route and she was ecstatic to wake up on the beach. We built loads of castles, watched the dogs and surfers and just lapped up the view. It’s a very special place.

We also journeyed to Lands End. My expectations were that it would be romantically remote. Instead you pay £6 to ‘get in’ via a commercial bit of tat, some odd ‘amusements’, cafe, shops etc and an actually rather interesting ‘End to Enders’ a museum commending those who have travelled from Lands End to John O’Groats.
Eventually you make it through to the coast line which is rather bleak and much more what I was expecting. They’ve sealed off the mile signpost and you have to pay £10 for a photo with it…says it all really.

We also enjoyed many a tantrum at Lands End. Molly has perfected the ‘steel banana’ and will not condone being in her pushchair as she just wants to walk everywhere, not possible here lovely, you’ll get blown off a cliff. We’ve even had a lie down on the floor scream-a-thon in the museum which was certainly a parenting test. She perked up with her in car picnic as daddy allowed her to press all of the switches and buttons, he’s such a pushover ;).

On our way back to Newquay we stopped in St Ives. Beautiful! Full of cute little shops and ALL of the bakeries!! Yum yum!! The harbour is really pretty and particularly windy!! We stopped off for a hot drink and Molly LOVED her babycinno!

Our Cornish adventures have been fab, I really feel in the holiday spirit now!

(9-11th October)


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