Stone Circles

I was sad to leave Barnstaple, well more Heavitree Cottage but it was time to move on and head towards home.

We headed to Glastonbury and took a little look around this ancient town. We had a delightful vegetarian lunch in ‘100 Monkeys’ and the bean stew in particular was absolutely delicious. It was however one of the first times Molly had quite a public meltdown and probably in the scheme of things wasn’t too bad for some toddlers, but Marcus and I did leave feeling a little embarrassed even though the other patrons barely noticed (or were kind enough to avert their gaze). She soon cooled off with some time in the playground where she could let off some steam.

Our next stop was Stonehenge, something both Marcus and I have ever only seen from the motorway. Everyone always says how you are no longer allowed to get close to the circle due to land erosion-however we were both impressed with how near you can get, we thought it’d be roped off from a lot further back.

We got our first taste of what travelling around Asia will be like with our little English rose as the tourists there could not get enough of Molly. They probably took more photos of her than of the rocks!
It all was a little too much excitement though and we had another rather spectacular strop…


Our last night was spent in The Stones Hotel. Was a prefect way to finish this section of Mollydays! We propped up the bar and celebrated with fizz before tucking into a hearty, yet refined dinner. The best bit about making early dinner reservations was that the restaurant was empty so Molly could run around to her hearts content whilst we enjoyed our food! To have breakfast there the next morning was an extra special treat too!

The final stop was Avebury where you can get up close to the stones (and in Molly’s case cows and sheep too!). The sun shone and it was a great place to reminisce on our adventures and highlights of the south west.

Now it’s home to unpack and do a few loads of laundry before we leave for Turkey next week!



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