Why oh why did we pick to stay in a small B&B with a teething toddler? Bronte Guesthouse is really lovely, just not when we’re staying there with the sleep thief. I’ve never known baby raves like it. The first night sleep was off menu and we were embarrassed to show our faces at breakfast.

Excluding the ‘sleep’ arrangements our trip to York has been delightful. On the first day we must have walked down every single road in the city centre. All of the buildings are so pretty and there was a lovely atmosphere with talented buskers playing on several streets.

York Minster was an incredible sight and I can see why it tops many peoples lists of their favourite cathedrals.

On the second day we chose to walk part of the city walls which gave incredible views of the Minster.

As the weather wasn’t great we decided to take Miss Molls to the cinema to a special kids screening of ‘Finding Dory’ (a bargain of £6 for all of us!). She did very well at sitting still but towards the end was massively fighting sleep. Once the film was finished we headed back outside where she quickly fell asleep in her carrier.
We headed to the National Railway Museum, as recommended by our good friend Alex. It didn’t disappoint. Marcus really loved it and fell in love with a Chinese engine, whilst Molly enjoyed the soft/role play section.

All in all our stay in York was fascinating and definitely somewhere I’d come back to – perhaps I’d just check myself into a different hotel from Molly next time 😉 x

(11-13th November)


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