Good morning Vietnam, hello Hanoi!

For Molly’s 10th flight we flew with Vietnam Air to Hanoi, it was a great 2 hour flight, with tasty food and Molls slept the whole way, hurrah! Our two bags and the ‘borrowed’ pushchair arrived quickly and we took our transfer into the city. We soon noted the chaos, bikes and noise, it couldn’t have been more different from Hong Kong. We had a quick bite to eat and a sample of beer Ha Noi before we took ourselves off to bed.

Hanoi is very wet! The rain is coming down from every direction. It didn’t stop us though, we completed the Old Quarter walking tour from the Lonely Planet guidebook and walked around Hoan Kiem Lake stopping off at the really interesting Women’s Museum, and also HOA LO prison. Perhaps the latter wasn’t the best idea for Molls, the torture cells with re recorded screams aren’t ideal for a one year old, a swift exit was made!

Marcus took Molly off an adventure to find nappies, harder than one may think in a city full of shops!

After a stomach filling breakfast we dodged traffic to reach the Ho Chi Minh complex where the mausoleum and museum, are contained. Molly made several friends and felt somewhat more famous than the Communist leader himself!

Whilst Molly snoozed we enjoyed a light refreshment in Hanoi social club. Marcus tried the local drink of ‘egg coffee’ which was surprisingly tasty to a non coffee drinker (me)!

We also took in the Long Ben Bridge. Apparently the Americans continuously bombed the bridge in the war, and the Vietnamese kept on rebuilding it. Today as it stands precariously; trains, motorbikes, bikes and people all use it which blows my mind. To say I was scared by Marcus standing near the tracks with Molly on his back is an understatement!


We finished our week in Hanoi at Thang Long Puppet Theatre. Molly was mesmerised and sat on my lap for the duration enchanted by the experience, with the occasional stand up and dance/clap!

We’ve had some great meals in Hanoi, the staff have been extremely attentive and love playing with Molly and plying her with extra food from the kitchen, alas she’s still all about the sticky rice – although occasionally partial to the odd bun cha!

Marcus has navigated us round this crazy city like a pro, his great directions and patience has been noted! As a reward I allow him to sing the same song that the garbage trucks churn out hour after hour. I thought it was the Vietnamese national anthem but from a bit of evesdropping I learnt it’s telling people to be responsible and not litter!

Our next journey is a 4 hour bus ride to Halong City where we take a cruise around Halong Bay – wish us luck!

(11-15th Jan)

P.s Molly your constant batman impressions are cracking Daddy and I up, keep it up lovely xxx

P.P.S I think we should buy daddy a rooster for an alarm clock, he really loves getting woken up with ‘cooklewoowoo’ as you delightfully copy the beastie bird xx



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