The natural wonder of Halong Bay

Halong City you do confuse me. It is one of the most BIZARRE places I have ever been to. Huge theme park, water parks, cable car, a beautiful waterfront but deserted. It’s the gateway to the beautiful World Heritage site, Halong Bay, which is our reason for staying in this land of oddness.
Halong is a 4.5hr ish journey north of Hanoi. Some of the boats have dubious safety ratings so with our precious cargo, Molly, we thought it’d be safer to split the journey up and stay in the town, partaking in a boat trip the following day, rather than staying on a boat or completing the whole thing in one day like most tourists. The hotel we chose was a bargain at £9, although we decided to upgrade for a hefty £2 more!!! Break the bank!! It was good to chill out (with the best wifi so far!) after manic Hanoi.
Our stress levels were raised slightly when waiting at the harbour the following day for our cruise, with no ticket, and no idea what the guide looked like. We eventually found each other and set off.

The views were breathtaking from the word go. The limestone pillars and rocks were magnificent. The boat supplied us with a wonderful lunch and Molly got stuck into some prawns, an egg dish and of course some rice!

The first stop was for those who wanted to canoe or take a smaller bamboo boat, we swerved this as Molly was doing her best wriggly fish impression. Instead we meandered around the floating village making friends with locals and Molly enjoyed chasing their dog.

We did however make the ascent to a stunning cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. The lighting was fabulous and it looked like a film set.

Back on the boat it was time to head home. We met some wonderful people including a very nice couple from Belgium and a Swiss chap who praised us on Molly’s good behaviour…she rectified this on the long journey home by screaming most of the way. The only thing that would pacify her was playing with biscuits in a carrier bag – each to their own! She eventually nodded off Snow White style by biting into an extra large apple…
Now we are back in the Classic Street Hotel for one more night before flying to Hue tomorrow! Bring on the rooster wake up (and our favourite breakfast!) xx


P.s Molly’s new favourite word is ‘Iron Man’, yup the Marvel character which she has a sticker from Disney. Why she has latched onto this particular character we have no idea!

(15th-16th Jan)


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