Historic Hue

At last a quiet flight! Molly you get your own seat!!! Of course you decide to sleep on daddy as he’s far more comfortable.

Here we are on our whistlestop tour of Hue. We checked into our very 70s hotel (midtown hotel) and the staff flocked to Molly as usual. We headed straight out to the Citadel and Forbidden city. It was so nice to breathe some fresh air after the exhaust fumes in Hanoi. The walls are huge and thick although many were bombed in the war. Left behind are a lot of ruins, no matter how much restoration work is completed.

All of the walking built up an appetite and we opted for Japanese for dinner. Whilst walking around the Citadel it gave Marcus and I a chance to discuss the pros/cons of travelling with a baby/toddler. At times it is so easy, and others it becomes ridiculously stressful, usually when meal and sleep times are misjudged. The roads in Vietnam do not allow Molly much freedom and more often than not she’s happiest causing havoc in hotel rooms. This dinner time, Molly, you were a delight you slurped your way through udon noodles and gobbled rice cakes with coconut water. It was so good, we contemplated going back the following day!
We travelled along the Perfume river in a very noisy, but private dragon boat. The owners had a 5yr old daughter and they let Molly play with the creepiest bald doll I’d ever seen – of course Molls took an immediate shine to this dodgy piece of plastic!

We stopped at the pretty Thien Mu Pagoda. Which is built up a steep hill and known worldwide for its political demonstrations. Molly had a tiny snooze whilst being carted around and we enjoyed watching the monks pray and soaked up the tranquil environment.

We slowly meandered back to the hotel and Molly fought her nap hard so we trotted off to lunch where we were stared at incessantly by the staff so thoroughly enjoyed watching Molly make an obscene amount of mess with her noodles (I did clean it all up before we left!).

More food tales – we went to a wonderful little place for dinner – Mandarin Cafe. The owner is an INCREDIBLY talented photographer, Mr Cuc, and the walls are adorned with his pictures. He kindly gave Molly a copy of one which I thought was very sweet.

Apparently on the walk home Molly said ‘bar’ so ever selfless Marcus took us all for a pre bedtime drink where Molly had her first ever dance off with a Vietnamese girl – hysterical and oh so sweet to watch. After our little moan in the citadel we can’t help being amazingly proud of our sleep thief xxx

17th-19th January


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