Heavenly Hoi An

We waved goodbye to Hue and headed to Hoi An, a magical place where we have heard such good things from many people. We took a different mode of transport, – train; Molly loved it!

Of course, we had a delay but the scenery on board was well worth it. Lush greenery, paddy fields being tended to by water buffalo, boats bobbing on sparkling blue rivers on one side, and we hugged the coast line on the other – natural beauty at its finest.

Stepping into the Old Quarter was perfect. Pedestrianised (after 3pm) and a ban on horns! We all became instantly relaxed, especially after we filled our tummies with delicious food in Morning Glory.

We carried on sightseeing, taking in pagodas and the Japanese Covered Bridge before meandering through a night market (Molly got a new t-shirt) and stopping to people watch over a cold Larue.

One of the bonuses of having an early riser is that you can beat the crowds (not there seems to ever be a quiet time in Vietnam). We walked for hours (not an exaggeration!) whilst Molly napped in the pram taking in rural-ish life. We passed bridges, fields, shacks, small businesses – a lot of barbers and managed to have some lovely needed adult conversation with no interruption.

We lunched at Dingo Deli which is an absolute MUST if you’re in Hoi An with children. It has a large outdoor playground with swings, a huge trampoline, climbing frame (dubious safety!) and sandpit – and for when it rains (which it did, tropical style), an indoor room full of toys and books, softball table, chairs etc – and a Mac hooked up to the Internet – very important for catching up with the latest Peter Rabbit episodes! The food is pretty good too – just need plenty of deet as Marcus got bitten to pieces. Molly was in her element and very sad to leave, as are we in respect to Hoi An but Ho Chi Minh calls for our final leg in Vietnam!

(19th-22nd January)


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