Koh Rong Samloem

We took a remok (tuk tuk) into Sihanoukville town to catch the speed ferry to Koh Rong Samloem. Sihanoukville town is quite a dive but we managed to find all the toiletries we had run out of – excluding nappies!! Molly there’s going to be a lot of bum free time! Too soon for potty training?!

The journey to Saracen Bay was choppy, somehow Molly fell asleep on me which distracted me enough from my seasickness. The beach bungalow was beautiful. We had a lot of trouble finding accommodation before arriving and were subsequently incredibly pleased to find it wasn’t a shack!!

We soon found a harmonious routine of eating, playing, sleeping. Although the first night Marcus and I were both slightly creeped out by the bugs and strange noises!! Getting eyeballed by a lizard as we unrolled our mosquito net didn’t help matters!

We trampled through the jungle to reach the other side of the island – Lazy Beach. It was recently voted one of the worlds top beaches by National Geographic. It certainly had a relaxed vibe but we personally preferred our side of the island.

All in all our stay in Saracen Bay has been heavenly. Watching Molly roam around nudie doodie on the beach running in and out of the sea without a care in the world will always be a perfect memory. My only sadness is the lack of wifi which meant I was unable to sing a happy birthday to my mum! So a big, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILLBO! Missing you all xxx

(27-29th January)


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