Sihanoukville/Otres Beach

Goodbye Vietnam! We leave in torrential, tropical rain and arrive in Cambodia to a beautiful rainbow – hopefully a sign of things to come!!

It did take an age to get our visas with the most tedious paperwork and queueing system but we were soon checking into the swanky Otres Resort. A little over our budget but well worth it. They’ve designed it with Scandanavian influences and being able to relax so quickly felt like such a treat after manic Vietnam.

We woke to a delicious breakfast (clean plates from everyone and finally a decent cup of tea!!) and took Molly for a stroll along the beach path where she napped peacefully so we quickly headed back to the pool area where we could catch up with some reading.
When she woke we spent hours in the pool, being empty it felt like our own private paradise. Molly quickly sniffed out some armBands which she doesn’t use at home and she had great fun splashing after them!

For lunch we headed to the Secret Garden where Molly loved playing with their beach toys and devoured the freshest fish fingers she’s probably ever eaten! (We ended up eating here a few times as the food was excellent!).

Sleep thief thought better of letting us celebrate our 9 year anniversary. We thought we’d put her to bed and enjoy our first meal without having to clamber after her, keep her away from feral animals or quite simply make sure she eats something – we were in and out from the balcony countless times, still I managed to beat Marcus a cards!

(25-27th January)

** we were welcomed back to Otres for a couple more nights (29-31th) post Ko Rong Samloem – still beautiful but not quite the same – we had to move rooms three times and on the final day they ran out of water! The gin cocktails did help bring us out of any doldrums!


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