Ko Samui – Lamai

We flew down to Ko Samui on Valentines Day. Molly must have known it was an important day as she decided to not do her usual sleep on the flight and instead devour Marcus’ in flight chocolate brownie – along with a strangers to whom she sat next to!


We didn’t reach Lamai until evening so we checked in and snuck out for a cheeky cocktail to celebrate.

We spent our days in Lamai lazing around the pool, reading (I particularly enjoyed Gillian Flynn’s, Sharp Objects) and sunbathing. Molly’s cut did open up again, but she took it on the chin – literally ;). As she’s being so brave we bought her some beach toys where we got ‘oh wow’ on repeat for a good five minutes :).


Marcus also got his hair cut for the first time since this trip – and a beard trim – he looks like a new man!!

Molly also turned the big 18months here and she celebrated with a good boogie!

We wandered down to the beach for the sunset, which as beaches go, not that spectacular. The night market was also very missable-hopefully have more luck in Ko Pangnan where we’re off to next!

14th-17th February


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