Ko Phangan (or however you spell it)!

The high speed catamaran took a choppy 30minutes to reach Ko Phangan, home of the famous full moon parties. We’re staying in a ‘new’ hotel which is undergoing a soft opening before its fully finished in April. We saw a lot of different rooms and buildings before settling for a wonderful spacious room with a garden view. Molly is very happy as it has a fancy tv where she can watch Peppa Pig – (and I managed to finish watching La La Land).


The complex is huge with four pools and we came across a perfect Molly sized play area where she spent ages going up and down the climbing frame and slide – couldn’t be happier!


Our hotel resides on sunset ‘beach’, there’s not much sand but the evening views are tremendous.


We walk to sunrise beach during the day, this is where the full moon parties happen and there’s long stretches of sand – not much shade though!


We’ve had some tastier food here which is very much needed. There is a bit more choice and the pad Thai is particularly good.


Molly is in her element as there are a lot of dogs and cats roaming about – plus we’re being sucked dry by the mosquitos – this island is not short of nature!


Ko Phangan has be so different from what I expected, in such a good way. I could have easily spent more time here. We’re travelling back to Samui by a different boat company from our outbound journey – takes a little longer but both piers should be closer-wish us luck!!

17-19th February


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