Ko Samui – Chewang

Ko Samui we’re baaaaaaack! In a different resort this time; we’re staying in Chewang which is a lot bigger and closer to the airport.

Samui Beach Residence Hotel is owned by a very chatty Frenchman and has a whacky pond in reception where Molly loves watching the fish. There is no swimming pool but we’re only 200m from the beach which is fun, especially for Marcus as he is kept fully entertained by Molly’s beach toys.


It’s incredibly hot, probably the hottest temperatures we’ve faced. There are a lot of sunburnt people walking around so we’ve been extra careful in staying out of the sun, especially as Marcus he’s had a touch of heatstroke. Slightly concerned about our next stop, Krabi, as the online weather reports suggest it’s going to be even hotter on that side of the country!

It was just a short visit back in Samui where there isn’t much to report at the best of times. It’s not a place i’d rush back and visit.
Before long we were back at the prettiest airport In the world, sweating like sweaty mcbetties and on our way to Krabi. Quick mention re: Bangkok Airways who are fantabulous – landed sooner than expected, free airport lounge, food on board, kids pack for Molly (plus the kind airsteward gave me extras for our next flights!), comfy seats, soft play area in Samui, good wifi etc etc, fully recommend! BA you buggy losers – take note!

20th-22nd February


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