Ko Lanta

There is only one boat a day from Ao Nang to Ko Lanta and it took an hour longer than reported. Of course it clashed with Molly’s nap time and she decided to use us as human climbing frames for the duration. As soon as we got into the Tuk Tuk she dozed straight off. Typical.

Our room wasn’t ready so we thought we’d head to lunch. Within 10 minutes of being there Molly had knocked her chin on the table edge and her nicely healed cut had reopened. There were tears and blood a plenty but fortunately a very lovely Norwegian nurse came to our rescue, she rushed back to her hotel room for her first aid kit and completely worked her magic. I will never be able to thank her enough. It doesn’t look as bad as first time around however it has limited our activities on Ko Lanta as I’m determined to keep it dry so the scab heals and it doesn’t get infected in the tropical heat. My heart hurts so much for Molly, who has been an absolute trooper (and within tens minutes was ‘miaowing’ at cat pictures), it’s just horrible and stomach clenching seeing your precious baby hurt.

We managed to get out for dinner on the beach, there was no sunset and there was a torrential downpour. It actually was a relief and quite therapeutic hearing the rain come down onto the wooden hut.


Our initial troubles did not end there. At 2am there was an incredibly loud noise coming from the bathroom (Molly’s bedroom). A leak! Water was gushing through the wall. We tried phoning reception, no one answered and so we hop footed it over. It is advertised as 24hr…no one was about. We located a security guard who was absolutely comatose and we needed to shake him awake. To cut a very long story short, he spoke no English (and we do not speak Thai) and couldn’t not locate any telephone numbers etc, at 3:30am we were finally given keys to a new room!


We started the day afresh, breakfast followed by a nap for the sleep thief and some R&R time on the stunning Long Beach for us. Marcus took a massage and I managed to finish my Ruth Rendell.

For dinner we went to a beautiful chilled restaurant again on the beach when Molly was spoilt by the staff and the kids corner and we enjoyed the acoustic music. We ended up eating here a lot during our stay.

As mentioned previously we’re unable to do what most people do on Ko Lanta – beach time – due to the open cut on Molly’s face – so we decided after careful research to go elephant trekking. I’m still unsure on the ethics of whether it’s fair but the elephants did look like they were very well cared for and looked happy with lots of food. Of course the sleep thief pulled it out of the back and was asleep within minutes of climbing aboard!

We met a lovely English family on the beach who had three children. Molly and her new found friends all got a long so nicely and played and shared toys and it was great meeting another family to share stories of the trials and tribulations of travelling with small people! Molly even got her first kiss on the lips from their little boy who was the same age! Holiday romance eat your heart out!

We definitely ended Ko Lanta on a high after our rocky start and can’t believe we’ll be in Bangkok tomorrow after a one night sleep pit stop back in Ao Nang…just that boat journey to overcome first…


25th February – 1st March


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